Flawless Extensions For Your Home – Simple Yet Functional

Do you feel squeezed into your house? The lack of space keeping you from fulfilling your life? Why not get the house extensions work done? Combine it with adding special features to your kitchen or other parts of the house to create a bigger, more versatile space tailored to your needs.

Hire the experts of Serious PRO Pty Ltd in Sydney and get the job done within your budget.

Why House Extensions Are Needed

  • It makes some extra room for your daily uses
  • It gives the kitchen or the entire house a new look which suits your lifestyle
  • The extensions are planned as per your latest requirements
  • It helps you to get rid of clumsy workspace and you can work freely
  • It offers extra space for new furniture pieces and appliances in your house
What Type Of Extensions Work We Do

Being the top carpenter contractor in Sydney, we offer various kinds of extension works for our clients. Whether you are looking for professional carpenters, decking installers near you or a specialist for kitchen extensions — you can have the right service from us. We can change the entire look and feel of your house with our extension services in the Sydney area.

Is The Job Difficult

Yes, for some contractors it can be. But for the experts of Serious PRO Pty Ltd, it is the job that we do every day. We often come across kitchen extensions projects which are quite challenging but our certified and licensed carpenters love to take challenges and win them with an ease.

Our Special Features

  • We have a deep knowledge about the extension task
  • We understand the specific requirements of our clients
  • We plan our extension projects as per those requirements
  • We have the experts who can execute those plans easily
  • From planning the project to giving it the best finish; we perform everything

Hence, your search for a reliable and efficient carpenter to carry on your extension projects will end here with us. Please call our experts and let us offer you our best efforts.