Serious PRO

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance Strata Buildings, Real Estate Agencies, Insurance Companies, Aged Care Facilities

At Serious PRO Pty Ltd, we offer complete assistance in property maintenance. We know how to help the clients in maintaining their buildings.
Firstly, we offer on call service for when you require a technician to come for a booked time. This is generally used by insurance companies and real estate agencies.
Secondly, we provide onsite maintenance officers suited best for your property. Our maintenance officers work permanently in Strata Buildings and Aged Care Facilities.

The Role Of Our Experts In Maintenance

We work as a reliable Property Maintenance Company in Sydney area. Thus, you can contact us whenever you need to hire Maintenance Officer or a Qualified Carpenter for your maintenance task.

In the Sydney area properties often require maintenance.

Below are some examples of our common duties when doing maintenance related tasks:

Therefore, if you think you need our help with your property maintenance please feel free to contact us.